Walking Netball Brisbane

Indemnity Form 2019

I agree that I am fully responsible for my own fitness and physical health and have made an informed decision as to my ability and capacity to participate in the competition. I warrant that I am physically able to compete in this competition and am not playing against medical advice.

I acknowledge that Netball Queensland has recommended that I obtain a medical health check up to ascertain that I am not placing myself in any harm participating in this competition.

I have been advised of the benefits of obtaining my own insurance, above and beyond the basic cover that is available via Netball Queensland. If I have not done so, this is my personal choice, being aware of the risks associated in playing in the competition in terms of general injury associated with Walking Netball.

I agree to be solely responsible for ascertaining that any playing surface or any playing conditions meet my total satisfaction prior to playing any game in this competition at any venue. I understand that Netball Queensland will arrange a court inspection prior to any game proceeding to ensure the court is safe. However, I release and indemnify Netball Queensland, absolutely in terms of any injury that I may incur, regardless of the state of the playing surface or the action of any player, should I decide to participate in any game or training session.

I am aware that Netball Queensland expects an appropriate level of personal conduct from me during my participation in Walking Netball. This includes no swearing or aggressive behaviour and full compliance with any reasonable direction from referees, managers and Netball Queensland organisers or their representatives. I am aware that suspension, fines or cancellation of membership are potential penalties for breaching this conduct.

I hereby indemnify and release the organising committee of Netball Queensland and their representatives, or any personnel associated with Walking Netball Brisbane and all other players complying with the rules and regulations of the competition from all liability that may arise from my participation in this competition.

I have provided Netball Queensland with current and accurate medical information and hereby accept total liability for any injury or loss that may be incurred as a result of this information.

I understand that by signing this agreement I waive my rights to take legal action against Netball Queensland and any personnel associated with Netball Queensland, should an incident occur.