Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Walking Netball?

Walking Netball is a fully inclusive sport that welcomes people of all ages, regardless of ability or fitness levels. It is a slower paced version of the traditional game as there is no running or jumping, with a reduced risk of injury.


Who should play Walking Netball?

Everyone! Walking Netball is for anyone who wants to be involved in a team sport regardless of ability or experience. It can be used as a pathway back into exercise or as rehabilitation, or simply as some fun physical activity. We advise that players seek medical advice from their Health Professional before participating in Walking Netball.


What are the benefits of playing Walking Netball?

Walking Netball offers a fun, safe and inclusive environment for players to engage in light physical activity with minimal risk of injury. Our game helps improve players strength, balance and coordination. Walking Netball encourages social interactions and can improve physical and mental well-being through activities on and off the court.

Many of our participants are dealing with health and life challenges and we are proud to be running a program that is supporting their physical, social and mental well-being.


How long does a Walking Netball session last?

Most of our programs run games for 1 hour, however it is up to each player how long they play for. We run 4 seasons each year that follow the school terms and are approximately 8 to 10 weeks long.


Do I need to be good at netball to play?

Absolutely not. We have many players that have never played netball before.


How much does a session cost?

$12 per week. You can choose to register and pay online or pay cash when you arrive at each game.


What equipment do I need to play?

You need to wear good quality sports shoes.


Do I need to be a registered member of Netball QLD?

By registering with us, you will automatically become a member of Netball Queensland. Your personal details will be shared with Netball Queensland for registration purposes.


Do I need medical clearance to be able to participate?

We advise that you seek medical advice from your Health Professional before you participate in Walking Netball.