What is Walking Netball?

Walking Netball is a fully inclusive sport that welcomes peoples of all ages, regardless of ability or fitness levels.

We have been overwhelmed with enquiries from people wanting to play Walking Netball.  Walking Netball is more than just playing a game once a week. It’s a community of people that have chosen to get off the couch and re-engage in the sport they loved as a kid. I have seen a huge improvement in fitness, balance and mobility after only a few weeks.

Many of our participants are dealing with health and life challenges and we are proud to be running a program that is supporting their physical, social and mental well-being.

We are seeing strong friendships forming on and off the court. For many of our participants, Walking Netball is the highlight of their week.

I encourage anyone that is looking for fun, laughter and fitness to come along and try Walking Netball.

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walking netball Mt Gravatt

Competitive Walking Netball

This is for people who are very steady on their feet and like a more competitive game. Most people in this group will have played netball before (some have’t) and have enough balance to be able to take the occasional knock from an opposition player.

Social Walking Netball

This is slower than the competitive game and focuses more on fun and safety. If you haven’t played netball before or haven’t exercised in a while or maybe you need a bit of extra time or space to find your balance, this session is for you. You must still be able to move and change direction quickly without losing your balance to participate in this session.